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December 6, 2013


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Hi my name is Princess Solaria and this is the story of my father, the stallion who stole my mothers heart.
It was long ago when my grandparents were around my grandmother Queen Arinna ruler of earth and sun and my grandfather King Astrum ruler of moon and the stars. In our old kingdom there was a group of natural alicorns like us, highly gifted and helps control the elements of the world with my grandmother and some that helps to control the stars and space with my granddad. A couple came up to my grandmother while she was still pregnant with my mom. The mare is Alaula my other grandmother, she was a maid who work in the castle and her stallion Necalli my other grandfather who is a royal knight of King Astrum, Alaula told my mother that they had a colt that they name Zodiac my dad. They mentioned at such an early age he already using magic and shown signs of using fire, water, earth, nature, and ice. No alicorn foal born managed to handle more than 1 natural element. Even a grown alicorn can’t manage more than 4. Arinna went to talked to her husband Astrum and told him about the colt that can use 5 elements, he left one night to meet with the couple and their foal to see for himself. When he saw the colt he was amazed of magic power he scents in the colt. He asked the couple that he would like to take him under his wing and train him and to teach him to control the elemental magic. The couple was surprised and agreed.
Few years pass, my mom was already born and was named Celestia and my Aunt Luna was a new born infant, my mom became friends with my dad, she was surprised seeing him while he meditates and study, sometimes she pulls him away from his studying to play, and there were times we end up getting into trouble with granddad Astrum caught them but at least he’s not very hard on them as grandma Arinna… Let’s say they learned their lesson real quickly. As time passes, mom be studying about the sun with my mother along with my aunt Luna, sometimes mom head over where Zodiac is studying, she walked into the training room and saw my father training, he was levitating 9 natural elements. It was amazing of him to control so many elements at once. Before my mom was about to walk in she saw a shadow off down the halls. She went to investigate and was suddenly was caught by a creature and was knocked out. She woken later to find herself tied up and being dragged on the ground by 10 Dragon like creatures. Back at the castle alarms were going off, a maid witness a ponynap of the princess, all the guards and knights went out on a huge search so did my father. King Astrum and Queen Arinna used their powers to try to find there missing daughter but the dragons where masking there scent of magic making it impossible to scenery type to spot them. Long hours pass walking through a dark woods to the dragons territory, the closer they got the more hope my mom losses fearing she will never be found. Crying out hope for anypony to save her, that’s when my father felt something calling him and flew as fast he can off in that direction. My mom was near the territory of the dragons and before they got close a pony flew in and attacked the dragons and quickly knocking out 4 of them. He flew off into the dark forest and hid in the dark and then fire attacks from a far and then flew in fast knocking out 5 leaving the leader or dominated one. He standoff at the leader of the group. He fought the boss but was no match, the boss fired an attack at Celestia but my dad jumped infront of the attack and took the blast. Part of his fur of his face and side and wings was burnt and bruised badly. The dragon laught talking about how weak he was and that he doesn’t stand a chance. My dad responed, “I don’t care how powerful you are, if you try to kill my friends and the ponies I care for, I will use every ounce of breath or magic I have to protect them no matter how much the odds stacked against me!”  After saying that his cutie mark appeared. I don’t know how but he summoned a lot of magic power and unleashed all he had out on the dragon boss and defeated her. He cared my mom despite his injurys back to the castle. My mom went off telling him not to push himself and he needs medical care and all, but she asked him. “How did you find me?” and he said, “I heard your heart, it was crying for help so I came.” Then he told her. “Celestia, no matter how dark the roar that is ahead of you don’t EVER give up hope. Hope is something you can give yourself in your darkest hours. So for my sake. I want you to keep on hoping.” He said with a smile while they got to the castle.

Suddenly a knight and a few other ponies rushed in and picked them up and attended there wounds. While recovering Celestia visited Zodiac in bed, there he gave Celestia a special gem, a gem that signals a ponies life force. He told her “I want you to have this, it belonged to my grandfather so I want you to keep it, so no matter how far I am you will have something to remember me by.”  Her father  came into the room and want to interrogated her of what had happened and fears a war will break out. But a few days later that what just happened. Kingdom after kingdom was being attacked and destroyed. Alicorns here targeted and not to long King Astrum kingdom was under attacked.  While my mom and Aunt Luna were alone in a room within deep into the castle bunker, all they could here were explosions and rumbling. It all happened so fast, she had no time to ask what came of my father or where was he; all she could do is sit and hope that he was alright while clinching the gem that was given to her.  After a few days they manage to get out to find ourselves somewhere far away from the castle, the bunker we were in was teleported. After a few years they became princesses of a new land Equestria and learned from an old unicorn Star Swirl that our parents and all natural alicorns died in the war and we were the last two natural alicorns alive. Celestia and Luna was shocked they lost everyone but each other. She couldn’t believe at first and refused to believe that they were gone, but evidence came up it was true.  But the evidence lacked to proof of father’s death. Star Swirl had no knowledge of him nor was his body ever founded but his mother was founded and his father. After knowing that I believed that he was still alive, She had search parties look for him but for so many long years there was never been any luck finding him.
Not too long after King Sombra was defeated by the Crystal Heart freeing the trap points of the Crystal Empire and the crowning of her student Twilight Sparkle, she hired a intelligent arch-mage equal to more against Star Swirl to her castle. He came looking for a job to work at mom’s castle and he’s the Uncle of Twilight Sparkle, his name was Morning Star. He also came to her with historic information mostly on Zodiac missing. It turned out when Necalli got to his home with Zodiac while village was already under attack. Necalli fought off the innovators with every ounce of magic, energy, and will within him to give time for his mare Alaula and son Zodiac to escape, He had fallen by being outnumbered by the enemy. Zodiac’s mother had opened a dimension realm and manages to seal him inside but before she could get in herself she too was struck down. After she heard the information she I had him and a few selected ponies to find a way to open the realm to bring him back. After a few weeks they found him and opened the realm. While the portal opened a tall black stallion with flowing white mane stepped out of the portal, after so many long years missing she got to see my oldest friend Zodiac once again. He slowly opened his eyes and release a powerful shockwave pushing all the guards and ponies down on the floor and raised his wings forming a powerful energy ball not recognizing how released him and thinking they are enemies. Without warning Celestia rushed up to him and hugged him. He looked down at her and recognized the gem on her necklace and dis-spells the energy ball, shocked to see that this mare is the filly from long ago.

Once again reunited with mom they spent time catching up..
I'm still working on it but this should be the end of chapter 1.

If you got any ideas of adventure or romance I'm open ears. Also feel free to correct me on any misspell words
Keithsterling Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Good story
Keithsterling Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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